Graduation day in italy

How is the italian graduation day?
graduation day in Italy
Graduation day of an italian girl at Pavia University

In Italy university students, at the end of their study cycle, must take the defense of their degree thesis. They are questioned by an examining commission about their thesis, the thesis is on a topic agreed with the supervisor professor.

The final graduation grade at that time is not yet established and therefore depends on the final performance of the student. The student’s friends and relatives usually attend the discussion. At the end of the discussion, the student receives the grade and the degree.

Sofia proudly displays her degree thesis

Then everyone leaves the lecture hall and private celebrations are held. It is not an obligation but there are informal rituals: many students, once they graduate, wear a laurel wreath throughout the day. Friends and relatives celebrate the graduate by throwing confetti and uncorking bottles of sparkling wine.
Graduation day in Italy. Graduation ceremony in Italy with  laurel wreath
Mission accomplished!

If there are no relatives but only friends there are also insulting chants and the graduate undergoes a series of ritual-goliardic humiliations. Often posters are posted in the university area with drawings that are caricatures of the graduate person, there are verses in medieval pseudo Italian that mock the « unfortunate ». It is also common to organize parties and go to a restaurant to celebrate the event

Graduation day in Italy, how students graduate in Italy?
Sofia’s triumph

Above: The lecture hall of the University of Pavia Italy, where students usually discuss their degree thesis on their graduation day

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